Why is Croatia such a popular tourist country?

Why is Croatia such a popular tourist country?

Croatia is the undisputed leader in holiday travel among Poles, but also among tourists from all over Europe. It is mainly visited by holidaymakers looking for sunshine and relaxing on one of the rocky beaches. It is therefore not surprising that it is also a country where it is difficult to find places that constitute an oasis of peace. Despite the crowds and accumulation of tourists, the popularity of the Dalmatian coast does not wane. What are the reasons for this?

Firstly – location

Croatia is located in the south of Europe, constituting a kind of enclave, on the one hand touching the waters of the Adriatic Sea, and on the continental side bordering several countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Hungary and Slovenia. The vicinity of the Adriatic Sea and clean beaches encourage even the most demanding guests to relax. The country has a diverse geological structure – the southern part is made up of, among others, the Dinaric Mountains, while the northern part is typically lowland. There is a Mediterranean climate on the coast, the average annual temperature increases as you move away from the southern zone of Croatia. The warmest tourist destinations on the Dalmatian coast are Dubrovnik, Split and Makarska. Given the picturesque view of the mountain range and the bay, they are also major tourist centers. This is also related to the fact that purchasing real estate in Croatia in the south of the country has become the most advantageous and profitable form of investment.

Secondly – the unique coastline

The famous Croatian coast made up of peninsulas and islands and islets running along the coastline is a unique phenomenon, most exposed here in Croatia. The Dalmatian coast attracts with its beauty and various opportunities to spend free time. Some of the islands are inhabited, widely accessible to tourists, sometimes having unique fauna and phenomenal plant communities. Travel to the surrounding islands is possible thanks to cruise ferries running from the mainland, providing attraction-filled cruises on the Adriatic Sea. When talking about the Dalmatian archipelago, it is also worth adding that it is washed by crystal clear turquoise waters, perfect for sports such as diving and sailing. The structure of the Croatian coast continues to fascinate and gives it a unique atmosphere. Anyone who has ever encountered such a diverse landscape plans to visit this corner of Europe again soon. It is therefore not surprising that many tourists decide to buy real estate in Croatia. Having your own home in such a picturesque place is the dream of many Europeans. Following this line of thinking, Croatian investors are building more and more unique properties on the coast, from apartment buildings to houses and luxury villas.

Thirdly – prices

If we are looking for a holiday destination with access to the sea and a guarantee of warmth at an affordable price, Croatia seems to be the most reasonable choice. Poles recommending this country cite cheap accommodation and delicious food as its main advantages. And although prices are going up quite quickly, due to the unwavering interest in the Croatian coast among tourists from all over the world, they still remain attractive. If we decide to visit the Dalmatian coast with full comfort, we will pay twice as much for our stay in this region as for holidays in Spain, Greece or Italy. In return, we receive regional meals in seaside taverns, lots of entertainment for the whole family and weather to order, i.e. almost rainless, pleasant weather. A wide selection of accommodation facilities reinforces the belief that Croatia meets all the standards of a tourist resort. And the historic architecture almost at your fingertips reduces the costs associated with additional trips.

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