About us

Honeste real estate agency

Our company’s headquarters is Split, the second largest city in Croatia, the largest city in Dalmatia and one of the most beautiful on the Adriatic.

Our company mediates in the purchase and sale of real estate in Croatia.

Thanks to cooperation with a renowned, award-winning Polish architects’ office, we provide assistance in the field of design, renovation and turnkey construction. We also help in renting and administering purchased properties.

Our offer includes: traditional houses, stone houses, modern-style houses as well as villas.

The commercial real estate offer includes hotels, guesthouses, areas for golf courses and marinas.

Our employees will provide you with full service in Polish with regard to purchases and legal formalities. We assist in formalities related to opening commercial companies and taking out mortgage and investment loans.

Why is it worth choosing us?

Service quality

Our agency, Honeste, stands out for the quality of its services thanks to many years of experience and deep knowledge of the real estate market on the Dalmatian coast.

A diverse offer

Honeste offers a wide selection of properties, including apartments, houses, villas and plots, which feature both modern design and traditional architecture.

Market knowledge

Thanks to our headquarters in Split and current offers of properties for sale, we are able to provide our clients with current information, which is an enormous advantage when making investment decisions.

Investmental advisory

Real estate in Croatia is not only a fulfillment of dreams of your own place in a paradise, but also an excellent investment that ensures a return on costs in a short time, thanks to the almost 100% guarantee of renting the property.

Selected real estate offers

Discover our unique offers of apartments, houses and villas on the Dalmatian coast, designed to meet even the most sophisticated customer expectations. With Honeste Real Estate Agency you will find your dream place in sunny Croatia.

Work with us – why is it worth trusting us?

We specialize in real estate sales in Croatia because that is where our agency is located. Therefore, we can keep up to date with changes in the real estate market and our agents will find a property that will meet your expectations.

If the purchased property requires renovation or if you have purchased a construction plot and are looking for a construction company or construction supervision, we offer professional and comprehensive solutions and appropriate advice. Our task is to make your new property in Croatia a dream one. Your satisfaction is our highest gratification.

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