Loans in Croatia

How to get a loan for a property in Croatia?

The borrower, a citizen of a foreign country without residence in Croatia, must be a person who has not exceeded 65 years of age at the time of the last installment.

Needed documents

  • completed loan application
  • BASIC DATA form for the guarantor
  • a photocopy of the passport of all persons included in the loan agreement
  • a certificate from the employer about the borrower’s employment, in what capacity, that he is not in the notice period, gross and net earnings for the last 3 months (the certificate must be translated by a sworn translator and certified by a notary)
  • the last three payrolls, translated by a sworn translator and certified by a notary
  • a certificate from the home bank on the account balance, translated by a sworn translator and certified by a notary
  • sale and purchase agreement
  • current extract from the cadastre and land and mortgage register in the original,
  • assessment of the value of the property by an expert, does not apply to properties in a new investment – the value of the property is the sum of the purchase of the property
  • the property that is pledged must be entered in the land and mortgage register and cannot be subject to claims or restrictions from other legal or natural persons.

Documents to secure loan repayment

  • declaration of consent to possible seizure of the account in Croatia, signed at a notary
  • a declaration of consent to the possible seizure of the account in the home bank, signed at a notary
  • blank promissory note under Croatian law signed by the borrower and the guarantor
  • blank promissory note under the law of the country of origin signed by the borrower
  • real estate insurance against fire and other natural disasters, for the benefit of the bank
  • deposit in the amount of 5 monthly installments – to a foreign currency account opened in …. bank until the end of loan repayment
  • mortgage on the purchased property, in the ratio of the loan amount and the value of the property, min. 1: 1.67 or 1: 1.43, depending on which country the real estate buyer comes from

The terms of the loan are agreed with each client individually.

The loan is granted only for apartments and commercial real estate, it does not apply to houses and plots.

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