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The Honeste real estate agency brokers the sale of apartments, houses, villas and plots in Croatia. We are the best in our profession, as evidenced by the positive opinions of our clients, many years of experience and knowledge of trends in the real estate market on the Dalmatian coast.

Properties in Croatia for sale

Honste presents houses for sale in Croatia that feature modernist design or traditional classical architecture.

We invite you to take advantage of the offer of the Honeste real estate agency

Honeste real estate agency is one of the most famous real estate agencies on the Croatian coast.

Many years of experience have made us experts in the industry, so we try to adapt to your most demanding needs and together find your dream accommodation on the Dalmatian coast.

Honeste’s headquarters is located in Split, so we have current offers of properties for sale. This is an undoubted advantage because at any time, if necessary, we can present you the current status of a given investment.

Why Croatia real estate?

If you are wondering whether buying your own home on the Croatian coast is a good idea, we will answer – it’s perfect. Croatia is one of the most frequently chosen travel destinations among European tourists. It is distinguished by an extraordinary, very diverse coastline washed by the crystal turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea. The coast has a pleasant Mediterranean climate, and its southern part is decorated with mountains creating unique views. Cities located by the sea are characterized not only by a wonderful holiday atmosphere, but also by a unique architectural style. Many of them have monuments included on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

Recommended properties on the Dalmatian coast – apartments

The most popular are apartments located in tourist areas, which provide profit as apartments for rent in Croatia. We provide modern premises near seaside boulevards and classic ones, located closer to city centers. The undoubted advantage of this solution will be the ability to use your own apartment at any time and its tasteful finishing according to your preferences.

Why is it worth buying a property in Croatia?

Discover the wide range of properties located in the most beautiful corners of cities such as Zadar, Rogoznica and Brac. We recommend investing in multi-family houses, which when rented guarantee a constant inflow of cash throughout the year, as well as luxury apartments in Croatia with breathtaking views.

An excellent investment

Croatia is a tourist country that is the main (but not only) holiday destination for Europeans. This country is distinguished by the purity of its sea waters, tasty food and rich geographical diversity. Purchasing real estate on the Dalmatian coast will not only be an ideal transaction for the future for the whole family but also an excellent investment. The property rental guarantee is almost 100%, which ensures a return on the purchase price in a short time.


The Dalmatian coast is one of the most picturesque regions in the world, consisting of peninsulas, islands and bays that look spectacular from a bird's eye view. Although the coastline consists of over 120 islands and islets, only 66 are inhabited, which makes this charming corner of the Earth very attractive. It is the unique coast of Croatia that attracts holidaymakers from all over the world who want to have their own nest in such an unusual place. We want to make our clients' dreams come true, which is why we offer properties for sale in the most beautiful regions of this country.

Culture and monuments

Croatia are known all over the world, and some of them have been included on the UNSECO list. It speaks for itself - people who are fascinated by historic architecture flock to this coastal country. It also gives me the opportunity to combine business with pleasure. Therefore, your own apartment or house in Croatia gives you access to many cultural attractions and allows you to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere.

Honeste mediates the sale of plots by the sea in Croatia

Do you want to build your own house in your dream location on the Dalmatian coast? We will help you find the most beautifully situated areas to build your own houses. Thanks to this, our clients have the opportunity to create a charming family nest in the picturesque surroundings of the Croatian coast. We offer impressive seaside plots, legally checked and with a building permit. As a real estate sales agency permanently stationed in Croatia, we are able to verify each property on an ongoing basis, and we also have the necessary knowledge about its condition and development possibilities. We perfectly understand the needs of our clients, which is why we search for properties that meet your expectations.

Tips and news from the world of real estate

The latest information on the real estate market, rentals and related trends.

Offer of apartments in Croatia

We mediate the sale of apartments in Croatia, the price of which ranges from over € 120,000 to over € 400,000. These most expensive items concern luxurious apartments with an exceptionally large area that can accommodate many families. To meet the needs of our clients, we offer offers of one, two, three and multi-room properties with several bedrooms. These are apartments located on the ground floor or higher floors in modern apartment buildings.

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Offer of houses on the Dalmatian coast

We provide a wide range of apartments, flats, houses, villas and plots for sale in Dalmatia. If you are looking for a dream home on the most beautiful coast of Europe or an investment that will bring profits, Honeste will help you realize your plans. Our task is to search for a suitable property in Croatia, as well as guide the client through the entire purchase process, from the first visit to our website until the signing of the purchase and sale agreement. Upon request, we also help in finding temporary accommodation, renting a car or arranging an interpreter.

Investment in a house for rent in Croatia

A house to own in a tourist town is, above all, an investment in the future. Our clients decide to purchase this type of property so that they can use it from time to time and rent it for tourism purposes on other days. The profit from renting a house is very high, because for some time now, visits by groups of guests who pay less when booking a house in Dalmatia have become fashionable. Our offer includes houses on the Dalmatian coast in attractive locations, in a shell state, requiring renovation or fully equipped, which you can move into immediately. We present a wide range of properties in Croatia, adapted to the most demanding customers. These include detached houses, terraced houses and summer houses. In addition, we recommend luxurious villas with all amenities. It is worth adding that our properties are located in safe regions of the country and are also very well connected to the centers of individual cities. However, if you value peace and quiet, we will prepare a special offer for houses in Croatia located away from other properties, often with a large plot of land for your own development.

Building plots and investment areas in Croatia

Depending on the condition of the property, their prices start from around € 100,000 and end at over € 1,500,000. Many of these real estate properties are turnkey and do not require any additional down payment. However, cheaper houses, although they require renovation work, retain their incredible charm from the outside. On our list of houses for sale in Dalmatia, every customer can narrow down their search criteria and choose a property that will meet their needs.

Currently, the most popular investment areas are available for sale in cities such as Rogoznica, the island of Brac, Split and Dubrovnik. Sellers there offer typical building plots, but also land for farming. However, if you are interested in a different location, we will do our best to find the most convenient place for you to build your own house in Croatia. Honeste mediates in the sale of construction land, the size of which starts from several hundred square meters and even reaches four-digit numbers. These are plots located in various parts of the Dalmatian coast, including on the islands. The latter provide incredible views of the beauty of the Adriatic Sea. Prices of plots for sale in Croatia range on average from €30,000 to over €2,000,000. They depend on the location and terrain.

Real estate brokerage in Croatia Honeste

We act as an intermediary in the sale of apartments, houses, luxury villas, hotels and land for construction or agricultural plots. Our motto is to provide our clients with comfort and full satisfaction, which is why we always approach the assigned tasks with great seriousness and fulfill them carefully.

Work with us – why is it worth trusting us?

We specialize in real estate sales in Croatia because that is where our agency is located. Therefore, we can keep up to date with changes in the real estate market and our agents will find a property that will meet your expectations.

If the purchased property requires renovation or if you have purchased a construction plot and are looking for a construction company or construction supervision, we offer professional and comprehensive solutions and appropriate advice. Our task is to make your new property in Croatia a dream one. Your satisfaction is our highest gratification.

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