Apartment or house – which properties in Croatia are the most popular?

Apartment or house – which properties in Croatia are the most popular?

The popularity of Croatia as a holiday destination among tourists has made investing in real estate in this country a lucrative venture. Although the prices of apartments and houses on the Dalmatian coast are increasing every year, the guarantee of rental income does not discourage potential buyers. That is why real estate in Croatia enjoys unflagging interest, despite higher prices.

The Croatian coast as a showcase of the country

The attractive location and the unique coast of Croatia are the main reasons for its tourist popularity. This country is located in Southern Europe on the Adriatic Sea, which is distinguished by its extremely beautiful turquoise color. The waters are crystal clear, almost inviting you to dive into them. The coastline is characterized by great diversity, as there are islands and islets running parallel to the mainland and peninsulas, surrounded by the waters of the bay. The entire coast of Croatia is called the Dalmatian coast, and from a bird’s eye view it is amazing. Some of the larger islands are inhabited and rich in fauna and flora typical of this type of enclaves. Tourist resorts offer rest and relaxation on the beaches and delicious specialties served in charming taverns and inns right by the sea. There is a wonderful view from here, allowing you to indulge in the dream of owning your own property.

Real estate in Croatia – apartments in modern and classic style

Among real estate properties in Croatia, apartments are the most frequently purchased due to their easier rental and wide selection of locations. Apartments on the coast, with a view of the bay, sell out the fastest, and those located on the higher floors are a real gem. The rapid development of the real estate industry in Croatia occurred with the country’s accession to the European Union and continues to this day. Therefore, buyers of local apartments can count on the fact that, despite the great interest in the local real estate market, they will find their dream apartment. Split, Trogir, Dubrovnik and the island of Brač seem to be the most attractive locations for tourists. They offer wonderful apartments in modern buildings with access to the beach almost at your fingertips, as well as classic apartments in the city center, blended into the local atmosphere, with historic architecture. In one of the second cases, the guarantee of renting real estate in Croatia is 100%, because there is no other country in Europe to which tourists flock so eagerly. However, buyers must take into account that the cost of an apartment in the historic part of the city will be much higher than a newly built apartment.

Houses in Croatia – a long-term investment

Investing in a house is always something that needs to be carefully considered. These properties require greater financial outlays and, in the case of their subsequent sale, a longer wait to find a buyer. However, houses for sale in Croatia are selling like hot cakes. They are the main shopping destination for families with children as a holiday haven and for seniors who want to leave them as a legacy to their loved ones in the future. The advantage of having your own house, more or less luxurious, is, above all, the ability to use your own beach. We are sure that no stranger will enter our area, which creates a refuge and a sense of additional security. Many properties of this type also provide additional entertainment, such as access to a private swimming pool, home spa or a beautiful garden. With the increase in functionality and square footage comes an increase in prices. Real estate on the islands will definitely be the most expensive, because a piece of land there costs almost twice as much. On the other hand, the prospect of having your own home and a plot of land in such a picturesque area with breathtaking views is worth the high price. The answer to the question of which property to choose in Croatia, a house or an apartment, is dictated primarily by the buyers’ available financial resources. If we are planning to invest in real estate, an apartment seems to be a better choice. If we prefer peace and the opportunity to go to a holiday haven with the whole family, a house is definitely better suited for this purpose.

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