The most visited cities in Croatia

The most visited cities in Croatia

The Dalmatian Coast ranks among the most touristic regions in Europe. Croatia attracts with its beauty and favorable climate. Its fame comes primarily from the unique coastline and the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea washing it. The location of Croatia favors the purchase of rental properties there, as the profit guarantee is almost 100%. However, there are places that are much more popular and are the most frequently visited cities in Croatia.

What are the most visited cities in Croatia?

Dubrovnik – if you are buying apartments in Croatia, this is the perfect place

Dubrovnik does not boast a beach lifestyle, but this does not affect the number of tourists coming to it even in the slightest. It can be safely said that it is the most frequently visited city in Croatia. This is due to the multitude of Dubrovnik’s monuments, which give the city the character of a historical enclave. This is supported by the fact that the old town is included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. One look at the coast of Dubrovnik is enough to get the impression that this is an extraordinary city. When you enter its walls, you can feel as if you had stepped back into the past. The city’s defense system, which consists of numerous towers and gates, has remained almost untouched by time. The wonderful old town, with its lively main street Stradun, is the most popular place for strollers. Gothic monasteries and various cathedrals are a treat for collectors of digital souvenirs that will form a collage of memories from their stay in Croatia. Apartments in Croatia located in Dubrovnik are dedicated mainly to people who want to invest in real estate in a classic style.

Dalmatian Split, a city full of life

The city’s popularity is related to its excellent location and the presence of an extensive transport hub. It has its own airport, ferry and railway station. It is sometimes referred to as the imperial city because it is the residence of Diocletian, built at the turn of the 3rd and 4th centuries AD. The palace once occupied the entire old town, but today its boundaries are marked by the walls of the ancient monument. The beaches in Split are slightly more extensive than those in Dubrovnik. The one most often chosen by tourists is located in the Bačvice district, approximately 1 km from the old town. The vibrant Split also offers attractions for families with children, mainly ferry trips. This second largest city in Croatia allows you to cross to the surrounding islands. Both houses and apartments for sale in Croatia are the most popular here, as the constant influx of tourists guarantees year-round rental.

The island of Hvar – houses in Croatia with your own piece of beach

This tourist island lies between two others, Brac and Korcula, and, like them, is mountainous. The topography of the area increases its value, as the extensive view of the Dalmatian coast from the Hvar hills is impressive. Just like in the towns described above, here you can be satisfied with the image of architectural culture. Stari Grad, the oldest city on the island, bears traces of the ancient Greeks. The island found a special place in the hearts of Greek philosophers who willingly rested there. Its beauty is also visible from a bird’s eye view, because covered with lavender flowers, it does not allow for an indifferent look. Pebble beaches are surrounded by the azure water of the Adriatic Sea, and a walk on the plains allows you to enjoy the charm of the surrounding nature. A visit to Croatia cannot end without visiting this delightful corner of the Dalmatian coast. Houses for sale in Croatia on the island of Hvar are famous almost all over Europe. This is where many tourists invest their savings, because memories of this unique island alone are not enough to enjoy it.

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